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Action Network Best Practices

We have an integration with Action Network. A few things to note

  • Action Network Deduplicates based on Email Address. Campaign Deputy does not.
  • Action Network requires an Email Address to create a record.

With our integration, we create a API based Fundraising Page that allows us to push contributions you enter into Action Network. If you have our ActBlue integration setup, those contributions will also be created inside Action Network. Typical time to push the data into Action Network is less than a minute.


We import Action Network Tags. You will see those on the Person Profile record in a separate tab and in the Universe Search.


We sync Events from Action Network, we do not automatically create Events from Action Network. Events are a compliance piece in some jurisdictions, and in Action Network they can have multiple meanings without a clear identifier if they are compliance related.

Which system should I start with?


Start with Campaign Deputy and make sure to enter in an email address. Anonymous, and Checks without an Email Address will not transfer over.


Start with Campaign Deputy. At the time of writing this article Action Network does not have disbursements.


If the Event is a Fundraising Event and must be reported by your Treasurer, enter the Event in Campaign Deputy and attribute any Contributions or Disbursements to that Event.

If the Event is meeting not related to fundraising, or being reported by your Treasurer, feel free to use Action Network to manage that Event.


We recommend to start with Campaign Deputy. Those with Email Addresses will be pushed into Action Network.


Feel free to use either system. Action Network has a UI dedicated to Petitions.

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