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Create P2P Text Campaign

To create a P2P campaign, you first will need to have a list of contacts you want to contact, and users who will be texting setup in Campaign Deputy.

Video Walk Through of P2P Texting

Next, you can go to Messaging on the left side, go to P2P and select Create P2P Message.

You can now create your initial message, select the sender and the list. If you are texting more than 100 contacts, we recommend a number pool be setup. Additional fees to apply as a number pool assigns multiple local area codes to your account. We handle who receives which text, and spread them out to prevent aggressive carrier filtering. The more numbers you have, and the lower number of messages per number the better.

You can also create Responses to help prevent repetitive text entries. The Response Name is what will be shown to the user texting, and the Template is what will populate in the text. A user can review what is sent using a Response and for the initial message before sending the text out.

Once you are ready, click Action and Start P2P and you can now split up the list of contacts per your users.

Assign an appropriate amount of contacts to a user. You must specify the total number of contacts before continuing. A user can be assigned to multiple lists which is recommended for multi-day campaigns. Once you are ready, click Start P2P Texting.

Here you can see the progress of the P2P texting and start your own texting for any group of contacts assigned to you. To start texting click Continue Texting.

When you first click Continue Texting you likely will not see this screen and be sent to your first contact. If you do see this screen, the system is waiting for a contact to text back so you can respond. No need to refresh this page as we check for new messages every half second.

Once a contact is selected from your list, you have the option to compose your own message, use the initial message, or one of the additional responses. If you see existing text messages, these are from previous P2P campaigns or from fundraising texts. Pick your message, and click send. The system will confirm sending the text and immediately move on to the next contact. Once you are through your initial contacts, you will be taken back to the Waiting for Next Contact page. Feel free to exit that page if you need to and go back at a later time. Any texts that are not responded to will be selected for you to review and response to when you come back.

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