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Digital – Series Setup

Series are a way to automate following up on an action a person takes in the system. Currently you can trigger a Series by having someone complete a form. This works for the following use cases.

  • Embedded Campaign Deputy forms on your website
  • Hosted Campaign Deputy forms
  • Zapier calls using the Forms Action

Autoresponders are not disabled for you, it is up to you to disable an autoresponder for a form if you setup a Series.

Create a Series

To create a Series, go to the Digital Menu, click the Series button at the top, and then click Add Series on the Series Dashboard.

You will now be editing a Series. Series have the following components

  • Triggers (Form Completed)
  • Nodes/Steps – This is a step in the series, called a Rung in other systems
  • Branch/Split – This is a decision step. When a Series gets to this point, the Universe Search will run and see if the person matches the search (Yes), or does not match the search (No). The Series will then follow either the Yes or No path at that point.

Currently, you have the option to setup a Step to Delay or to Send an Email.

Delays have the option to delay for 1 minute , 1 hour, or 1-999 days.

Sending an email is similar to the Message Center. It does use the latest version of our email editor to create the message with a better Mobile preview and more options.

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