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Email Syntax Cheat Sheet

Fields Available

Person Fields

{{primary_zip}} – Main zip code for a contact
{{primary_city}} – Main citycode for a contact
{{primary_state}} – Main state code for a contact, 2 characters (KY,DC).
{{zip}} – Synonym of {{primary_zip}}
{{city}} – Synonym of {{primary_city}}
{{state}} – Synonym of {{primary_state}}

*{{FirstName}} is replaced before Liquid syntax is ran, recommended to use {{name.first}} instead.

This Cycle
This cycle is based on the Candidates active election year. If a PAC/Non-Profit it’s the current year.


Contribution Examples

{{ highest_contribution_this_cycle | multiply 1.5 | default 5 | max 2800}}
Default must go before max as if a contact has not given default of 5 will be applied

{{if last_contribution_this_cycle_date && (date.add_days last_contribution_this_cycle_date 5) <
activeMessage = “It has been over ” + ( – last_contribution_this_cycle_date).days + ” days since your last donation.”
activeMessage = “Thanks for staying active!”
Must be created in the Script tab.

{{if city==”Louisville”}}local{{else}}support{{end}}

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