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Entering a Contribution

You can enter a contribution by clicking Contributions on the left menu, and then Add Contribution on the top right of the screen.

Individual Contributions

When entering an Individual contribution, it is best to search for an existing person so we can calculate the cumulative totals correctly. If you do not find an existing person, use the Add New button, which will let you type their name. Marital Status is optional in most states, if it is required for your state, choosing Married will bring up Spouse related fields to enter in as well. Anything you change on this screen will be reflected in their profile if you need to update an address, Occupation or Employer

Anonymous Contributions

Use this option for donation jars at events, or when you accept small cash contributions anonymously. Always consult your treasurer on how to handle Cash contributions.


Each State has a list of Organization types and those will appear under the Type option. For Federal races, it is important to list the Federal Id, which typically starts with “C” from the FEC’s website.


Check is the default and should be used for any contribution from a “written instrument”. Cash has low limits in most States, make sure your staff does not accidentally pick Cash or your compliance report will start to mark the contributions as out of compliance if they cross the Cash threshold.

Credit Card

Any transaction from our Online Contribution system, or from ActBlue will get logged as a Credit Card contribution. This is useful for your treasurer in case you need to balance the account, and check Checks and Credit Card contributions separate. If you use Square or PayPal, we recommend you mark those as Credit Card as well.

In Kind

Use In Kind for any contribution of a non-monetary item. Consult your campaign finance laws for details. An In Kind Description is required by most States.

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