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Form AutoResponder

Each time a user completes a form, an email can go to that user if they have an email address. Each form now has their own unique AutoResponder.

To add, or change, a form AutoResponder, find your form under “Forms” on the menu and click on the name of the form to bring up the Details page.

Once on the details page, use the “Action” menu to click on AutoResponder.

You will see a page similar to our Email Campaign page. AutoResponders are defaulted to a disabled state, make sure to click “Yes” under Active to turn on the AutoResponder.

Social sites, like Facebook and Twitter, have Javascript plugins to enable a Like or a Share button. Email’s cannot run Javascript. You can use the links below to direct the users to the site to so they can Like, or Follow your social media pages.


Create a link with a HREF of “{Your Facebook Page Here}”. Replace “{Your Facebook Page Here}” with the URL of your Facebook page. For Example, our link would look like this,


Create a link with a HREF of “{Twitter User}”. Replace “{Twitter User}” with your twitter user name without the @ sign. For example, our link would look like this,

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