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Frequently Asked Questions

All form responses are processed behind the scenes, typically this is in real-time while it can be delayed for a few minutes. We do additional processing on each form entry to verify it is not spam, and to record information for opt-in purposes.
We have built Quick Search and filters on the pages to provide you with similar functionality. Sorting records would require our servers to read your entire account, sort, then return 10 rows, which is not very efficient. if you are looking for a person who’s last name starts with a “B”, you can use the Universe Search to do a “starts with” filter on Last Name. Our export also allow you to sort in Excel or Google Sheets.
When working with 50 different states, and the FEC, we work to keep the experience as common as possible across the system. As such, your generated compliance report will show the correct reporting method. For example, in Kentucky refunds are negative contributions, those are entered as a Disbursement in Campaign Deputy. When the report is generated, you will see the refund reported as a negative contribution.
Emails generate a lot of data, that we store to provide information like Open, Clicked, and Delivery rates. Most of our accounts only go over their email credits on election month. Talk to your Account Manager about our bulk rates for campaigns who send over 100K emails a month.
We get charged for each deposit we send to your bank. The week of the election we typically increase that to daily.
Great question, let us know what you are looking for and your Account Manager can help.
Federal law limits activity that can be done on contributions reported to the FEC. As such, we don’t allow searching based on FEC contribution data.
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