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Gravity Forms Setup

You can setup Gravity Forms to send form submissions directly to Campaign Deputy for processing. We will de-duplicate each unique person, we strongly recommend you collect at least their email, first and last name, and a zip code for the best results.

Go to the Forms area, and click Add Form in the upper right corner.¬† Give your form a name that is easy for you to recognize later for reporting. Select a type of “Gravity Forms”, and click save.

You will now have a “Webhook URL”, this is unique per a form, copy that value and open up Gravity Forms on your WordPress Admin area.

Using the “Gravity Forms Webhook Addon-on”, you can find under a forms settings, the option for the Webhook. Add a new webhook and add the URL from above to the “Request URL”. Also make sure to select the option for “Select Fields”, and always add the first three highlighted fields, they are useful for the Gravity Forms integration. The “Key” is what Campaign Deputy will see as the name of a field, the value comes from your Gravity Forms form. Make sure to spell the Key correctly. Any additional fields you want to send can be included and will show as an “Additional Field” in the Form Responses tab in Campaign Deputy.

Field Mappings

  • EmailAddress key maps to the Person Email field inside Campaign Deputy
  • FirstName key maps to the First Name¬†field inside Campaign Deputy
  • LastName key maps to the Last Name field inside Campaign Deputy
  • ZipCode maps to the Zip Code field inside Campaign Deputy






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