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Liquid Template Errors

Campaign Deputy will show you error messages attempting to parse and runtime a Liquid template. There are two types of errors that can occur with the Liquid templates, parsing and runtime a template.

Parsing Errors

Parsing errors occur if the syntax of your Liquid template is not correct. Most common are issues where a ” is missing or a {{ or }} is not closed. For example, {{name.first | empty "Friend}} will throw a syntax error as the ” is not closed on Friend. Some unclosed }} do not cause a parsing issue and will be rendered as text.

Runtime Errors

Runtime errors occur when you are using more advanced custom logic and you are working with a potentially null value. For example, if you want to calculate the last time a person gave, you must also check if a person is a donor first or you will get a runtime error. When sending an email, we check 4 common profiles for these errors to help catch them before sending your campaign. This is also why you may see some errors duplicated.

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