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Manage Phone Numbers

If you are an Account Admin, or have access to setup Phone Numbers, you can manage them from this screen. Each number can be setup with a Text Action and a Call Action. It is strongly recommended to setup a Call Action as people will attempt to call that number to talk to the campaign. You can forward it to a Google Voice number or an office phone if need be.

Once you click Manage you can see your various options.

Manage your phone number and update keywords or opt in messages.

In the above example, we have selected Keywords and Opt-In. This will allow you to setup Keywords and Opt-In flows for texting. Do not ask your texter’s to suggest using STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, END, QUIT, CANCEL as those block any future messages at the carrier level.


Keywords allow both a primary Keyword and secondary, or alternate Keywords. If you setup a keyword for VOTE, you might want to include VOTER in case someone spells your keyword incorrectly. Campaign Deputy automatically removes both a “.” and “?” from any incoming texts before searching for the keyword. “VOTE INFORMATION” in the above example would not response with the VOTE keyword unless you add it as a secondary Keyword.


A Phone Number can support an Opt-In flow or trigger an Opt-In flow after a specific keyword. Once a number has trigger a Opt-In flow, Campaign Deputy expects a person to respond with their First Name to confirm their Opt-In status. Various messages responses can detect a person’s name in their response using AI. “My name is Charlie” would detect Charlie as the name not their entire response. They can use HELP or NO to stop the Opt-In flow. Opt-Ins are stored in an internal database to comply with TCPA guidelines. Once a Opt-In is received, Campaign Deputy will search your account for that phone number and either mark the phone number as Opted-In or add a new record with their first name detected above.

Merge Fields

You can see various Merge Fields available in texting campaigns on our Text Merge Fields link. Most communication to a phone number will be anonymous unless they have previous Opt-In our provided you with a phone number.

Texting Diagram

Workflow of incoming texts for Campaign Deputy

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