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P2P Sending Messages

Once your admin creates a P2P Texting campaign, you will receive an email with the name of the campaign you have been assigned.

Log into the system, and click the P2P Texting menu item on the left and find the name of the campaign you have been assigned. Click View Dashboard

Once on the dashboard of the campaign you have been assigned you will see a list of lists. Lists that you are assigned will have a Continue Texting button to either respond or send out your first messages.

Once you click Continue Texting you will be sent to your first contact. If this is the first time you are going to message the contact, the Initial Message will be filled into the box to the left of the send button. Click Send and you will be sent to your next contact.

Once you have sent all of your text messages you may see this screen. The system is now constantly checking for someone to respond to one of your messages. You can log out of the system at this moment, or wait on this screen. If you receive a response and you have not responded to it within 15 minutes you will receive an email alert that you have a text message response.

When you have a text response, the system will send you back to this screen. Your admin will have given you instructions on how to respond, or in the right side of the screen some scripted responses. Once you click Send you will be sent back to the screen searching for your next contact.

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