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Pledge to Give

A Pledge to Give is a pledge that allows your team to track a donor’s pledge to give to your campaign. For example, Charlie pledged to give $500 to the campaign. To keep track of the status of this pledge, you create a Pledge To Give.


To setup a Pledge to Give, you must first create a Person record. If you have one, you can go to Pledges->Add Pledge, or on a Person’s profile, use the Action Menu to add a pledge. Then enter in the amount of the Pledge to Give. To Track the Pledge to Give you can go to Reports-> Pledge Review. You can see the status of a pledge, and how much has been counted towards the pledge. A Pledge to Give will be automatically completed if a contribution equal to or higher than the Pledge To Give is entered into the system, including from online sources. If you don’t know how much a person will give, and want to track the status, we suggest entering in a Pledge To Give of $1.

You can also receive an email when the system marks a Pledge to Give as complete. Contact our support team to setup that notification.

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