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Pledge To Raise

Pledge to Raise Workflow

A Pledge to Raise is a pledge that allows your team to track total contributions associated from that Pledge. For example, Charlie has a pledge to Raise of $5,000, and Alex gives $1,000 at Charlie’s event, a Pledge to Raise can be setup to track the $1,000.

Setup a Pledge To Raise

To setup a Pledge to Raise, you must first create a Person record. If you have one, you can go to Pledges->Add Pledge, or on a Person’s profile, use the Action Menu to add a pledge. Then enter in the amount of the Pledge to Raise. To track Contributions you will need a Attribution Code to link a Contribution to a Person. Go to Settings-> Attribution Codes, and create a new attribution code.

Give the Attribution Code a memorable name, and search for the Person using the Linked Person box. You can also input your ActBlue Form ID here as well to automatically tag ActBlue contributions to the correct Attribution Code. You can also use the Campaign Deputy Contribution Forms to link contributions to a attribution code in Settings-> Contribution Forms. When setting up the contribution form, select which attribution code you want to use.

When a new contribution is put into the system with an Attribution Code linked to a Person, this will increase their Total Contributions listed on the Raiser Review report.

Advanced Pledges To Raise

If you want to track multiple Pledges To Raise associated with a single person, you can! Follow the steps above to create your Pledges to Raise and Attribution Codes. Once you have both created, go back to the Pledge to Raise and assign an Attribution Code to the Pledge. The Raise Review will then show Total Contributions based by Attribution Code. A Pledge to Raise without an Attribution Code will only show Contributions not already linked to a specific Pledge to Raise.

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