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Short Link – Social Share Setup

When setting up a short link, you have the option to include a social title, description, and image. A Title is required to trigger the system to provide Facebook or Twitter with the social share details. You cannot change what the link will show inside Facebook or Twitter as it will always show as from the short link domain (

Creating a short link

Once a link is created, you can disable it or change the final URL if you need to make a change. The unique id created after the domain ({unique id}) cannot be changed.

Each interaction with the link triggers an event that we process at various intervals. Most data will be available in under 1 minute and less than 5 minutes at peak volumes.

Custom Domain

You can setup a custom domain to host your own short links under. This has to be a new domain name and cannot be used to host your main website. It is preferred if you let Campaign Deputy register the domain name or you will have to setup the DNS yourself. There is an additional fee to both register the domain name and to set it up for a short link.

Link Previews

When Facebook, Twitter, or your SMS app sees a link, they access the link to get a picture, title and description. These are not clicks. Since these interactions only occur when people share or text your link, we wanted to show that information to you. Read more about Link Previews on our Link Previews Article.

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