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Source Code vs Origin Codes

If you are using Source Codes, you may have already seen your Source Codes applied to the Origin Code field. This is because Campaign Deputy automatically applies the first Source Code to the Origin Code if the Origin Code is blank. If the Origin Code has a value, Campaign Deputy will not overwrite it.


Charlie Doe gives online with a Source Code of CD_CODE1.
Charlie Doe’s Origin Code is now CD_CODE1,
The Contribution’s Source Code is CD_CODE1.

Charlie gives online again with a Source Code of CD_CODE2
Charlie’s Origin Code stays as CD_CODE1 as it has a value.
The Contributions Source Code is CD_CODE2.

Origin Codes allow you to track the origin of a donor that never changes. This helps you answer questions for your reports such as “What is the lifetime value of that Digital Ad we ran 2 months ago.” You will be able to track new donors from that Digital Ad and find how much they have given since.

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