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As part of the account setup process, email is signed with a DKIM key according to the Return-Path SMTP header along with a SPF record allowing email to be sent from that domain. The Return-Path header is used for SPF/DKIM/DMARC purposes and is typically a subdomain of bounce . Campaign Deputy manages these records, while other records require more detailed setup and are listed below.


SPF records are checked at both the root domain, and the Return-Path domain. We setup our DNS records to be validated at the Return-Path domain. If you want to include our sending IPs in your root SPF record you can use


DMARC has the ability to reject all unknown mail and is not setup by default as that could make us responsible for all your other email as well. If you want to research DMARC more, you can use the below links.

DMARC Records

Free DMARC monitoring (requires adding a DMARC record to setup)

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