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Texting Merge Fields

Texting Merge Fields use a template engine similar to Liquid Templates.

  • {{name.first}} First name of the person if available
  • {{name.first | empty "Friend" }} First name of the person, Friend if blank

Advanced Merge Fields

{{ ( (date.parse '2020/11/03') -}} This will give you the number of whole days until 12:01 am on Nov. 3rd 2020. On Nov. 2nd this will report 0 days since the time is down to a whole day and less than 24 hours. Add 1 day to the date to get the correct number of days.

{{if !HasCurrentContributions}} {{end}} Will only show the text if the current record does not have any contributions in this cycle.
{{if HasCurrentContributions}} {{end}} Will only show the text inside the statement if a record does have contributions in this cycle. The ! is the difference between the two.

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