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What are Issues?

Issues are used to keep track of topics that your donors may support, be neutral against, or against. For example, let us say your donors all support Net Neutrality. You could add that as an issue and mark them as Supporting that issue.

How do I create a new Issue?

Creating a new type of issues is a permission that can be granted by your Account Administrator. Adding/Removing issues from a Persons profile is allowed if you have edit permissions.

Why do Issues work different than Notes?

While both are used to add more data about a person. Issues restricts what can be entered to prevent duplicate issues for your account. “Net Neutrality”, “FCC Net Neutrality”, “NetNeutrality” all mean the same issue from a quick glance, while your digital team would have a hard time finding those supporters. The digital team would need to search for multiple combinations, spellings, etc, to correctly target an Ad or Email. We restrict what is allowed to be entered into the system to keep the data clean for the whole life cycle of the campaign.

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